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Greg Mooers - July 15, 1997

I am 35 years old and am in excellent health (I have been a vegitarian for 10 years), but when I went to India for a month I really got sick. There was a doctor in the group I was with, so he gave me some antibiotics which seemed to help.

A week after I returned to the states however, I had digestion problems, liver problems and a really bad virus. My health got worse over the next two weeks and I had heard antibiotics should only be taken sparingly, so I asked Sharon if there was any powerful holistic medicine that could restore my health.

She gave me a dozen pills to take twice a day and I was feeling great in just three days I've always been opposed to harsh chemical medication, and so was really delighted with Sharon's whole food supplements and natural approach to healing.

Powerful stuff!


Greg Mooers