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Mother of a 9 month old baby - July 17, 1997

I made an appointment with Sharon Rabb for advice regarding my infections. My child had a runny nose constantly to the point where I thought she had allergies, and we had also been fighting constipation since she began eating solid foods. My baby had been on antibiotics almost continually for several months, and I felt that there had to be something else I could do besides just give her medicine.

At the Initial consultation, Sharon asked mo about my child's diet and siting habits, and then evaluated Mr. She explained how antibiotics weaken the Immune system and let us a vicious cycle for re-infection when they are used repeatedly over time. Sharon's evaluation turned up problems in the ears and gall bladder. decrease the proportion of fat and protein in her diet to more carbohydrate.

She also recommended that I decrease the proportions of fat and protein in her diet to more carbohydrate grains, fruit, vegetables, etc. She included in her recommendations a regimen of supplements to bolster my child's immune system and fight off infection.

After approximately 6 weeks on the regimen and with an improved eating plan, my daughter has been completely clear of ear infections and even colds. She does not have allergies and Sharon's advice may have saved us from expensive allergy testing. Her ears were perfect at her one year check up, and her bowel movements have become completely normal. Sharon re-tested her and she was clear of problems.

Sharon then recommended taking her off of all supplements, except for a multi-vitamin. I think a consultation with Sharon would be worthwhile for any child, especially those fighting chronic ear infections.

In my experience, traditional pediatrics does not consider nutrition as a way to help children well, and Sharon can help parents use nutrition to build the Immune system and hopefully keep more children off of a constant regime, of antibiotics.