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David E. Hunter June, 2007

I can never thank you enough for all your time, energy, research, caring, patience, perseverance, and help with obtaining and utilizing other than mainstream medical practices in treating and healing my glaucoma.

First, you put me in touch with Dr. Collier, a holistic doctor of ophthalmology, who monitored the state of my retinas throughout this process.

Second, you put me in touch with Dr. Nichols, a neurochiropractor, who was able to adjust the outer portion of my eye sockets to allow more blood to flow to the eye balls and thereby to reduce the pressure in them. The reduction was observed in the morning following the adjustment. For a slightly better result, the adjustment was repeated after about a week. The pressures remain in the optimal range to this day, with no drops or surgery required.

Then, as a part of your own practice, you were able to provide me with nutritional advice, and Standard Process products which did the following:

1) Cleaned up the composition of my blood so that the larger opening in my eye sockets was no longer required to provide an optimal eye ball pressure.

2) Supplied my body with both the blueprint and the nutrition required to rebuild the eye retina nerve tissue.

3) Thus, no trace of glaucoma! This is the best news I have had in some time!

Thank you! Thank you! Dr. Rabb. Thank you again!