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Bill Grosjean, Dallas, Texas

Twenty three years ago I had a heart attack followed one week later by a severe stroke. The stroke paralyzed the right side of my body, and I lost my voice. After extensive physical therapy, I recovered my voice and was able to walk with the help of a cane, but was permanently disabled. In September of 1996 I began to experience blackouts, nausea, dizziness and my heart was racing. I went to the hospital and was diagnosed in the emergency room with Tachycardia. My heart stopped and I was revived by electric shock! The next day my cardiologist informed me that I needed an Implanted Cardio Defibrillator (ICD) or I would die. I agreed and it was done the next day. 1 was put on Corderone. but had a lot of side effects, Depression stoned to set in. My doctor told me to give it time... that he really couldn't do more, 1 felt miserable.

It was at this time that I sought the help of Sharon Rabb. I was desperate for some help. Sharon said, "I can help you". I jumped at the chance. Sharon made a detailed list of my condition, medications, diet and the next day she suggested a program of nutritional supplements and dietary changes, I started the very next day. Sharon encouraged me to follow the program closely, not to entertain doubts and to visualize positive changes. She was concerned about some of the medications I was taking, but suggested that I continue on with my prescriptions. She wanted to get me feeling better first; one thing at a time, I followed her instructions exactly.

Within the first week I noticed a difference; I felt better. Every day I got better and better. After a month my strength returned, my outlook took a huge positive jump. 1 began to walk for exercise and Sharon adjusted the supplements. Adding some, stopping some. I continued to improve, I was still having some bad side effects from the medication I was taking, Clumsiness in walking and being dizzy. I was very encouraged with the results of the nutritional supplements program.

It was time to visit my physician again for a reading of my ICD's activity. 1 had the test and was told the device had been activated 455 times, All the activity was mild to speed my heart up gently, The device never went off to stop the return of tachacardia. 1 was distressed with this news. Upon hearing this report Sharon was convinced it was time to work in close contact with my cardiologist to reduce the dose of medication by half. I proposed this idea to my cardiologist on my next visit a few days later. I told him I felt a thousand percent better and wanted to try this. He agreed after warning me that I could receive a severe shock if the tachacardia broke through the lowered dose of medication. 1 began and immediately experienced a dramatic change. My energy skyrocketed. The clumsiness faded away. The dizziness disappeared. I felt absolutely wonderful! I was incredulous. Sharon was right. She not only helped me, she gave me back my life. Two Months later I had my quarterly test done on my ICD and was Just floored to hear that there had been no activity at all. Sharon was delighted to hear this news I was beyond ecstatic, even my Cardiologist was impressed, I know what these nutritional supplements have done. I still pinch myself and remember how far I've come. I cherish each sweet new day and thank Sharon a thousand times a day.

Sharon Rabb is the most powerful positive, person, warmest, most loving being I have ever met. I am starting my eighth month of my newfound life and I'm feeling wonderful like a young child, I highly recommend Sharon Rabb and her complete program of nutritional supplements. They get results... I am the proof.
Dear Sharon, Millions of thanks Bill Grosjean Dallas, TX