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Angela Bettinger - mother of 20 month old baby. July 15,1997

I highly recommend Sharon Rabb as a nutritional counselor. My experiences with her have been very pleasant and educational. She impliments sound nutritional therapies and is extremely knowledgable in her field.

Sharon bas been working with my 20 month old son for three months. He was born with a mild heat condition and was on two different heart medications his first six months of life. I do believe the medication had a direct effect on his poor health. He had a lack of appetite and, therefore was not gaining weight appropriately. He also had many infections and allergies.

Sharon started him on a special diet and nutritional supplements. He began to have an appetite within two weeks and likes healthy food. He drinks his fresh carrot juice every day. He also has had reduced infections and if he does get sick, he gets well very quickly. I recently took him to his pediatrician for a well visit and he had gained two pounds within two months. The doctor was very pleased with his overall health and weight gain. He was also pleased with his developmental level and energy level.

From a mother's standpoint, Sharon has educated me sufficiently on how to feed my son. For our family, she has been a lifesaver. Her recommendations for my son, Luke, have proven to be successful. I am very happy to recommend her to anyone with health problems or who has a desire to better their health.

We need more professionals like Sharon to keep us well.

Sincerely, Angela Bettinger