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Anton Ryan Smith, December 2008


Hello, I am a 24 year old male, and about a year and a half ago I went to the hospital with ketoacidosis, for which I was treated and at that point diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.  I had lived what I thought to be a relatively healthy lifestyle up until that point, but I had major issues while fighting to keep my blood sugar levels in normal range.  For the first couple of months after being diagnosed as a diabetic, I experienced severely high blood sugar levels ranging sometimes as high the 400s and 500s, also I was taking approximatly 30 units of slow acting insulin a night, and about 30 units of quick acting insulin everyday. 

A few months later, I became a patient of Dr. Rabb.  Since that time, my blood sugar levels have dropped to near normal range, averaging about 110 per test, and I now only take approximatly 10 units of the slow acting insulin and 10 of the quick acting insulin everyday, and even that continues to improve.  I have been wonderfully amazed at how much Dr. Rabb has helped with my diabetes and my health in general, and for that I am grateful and would recommend her to anyone and everyone with or without serious health problems. 

Thank you Dr. Rabb, and if you don't mind e-mailing me back to let me know that you recieved this e-mail, and maybe letting me know what time would be good for another appointment, I would appreciate it!
  - Anton