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Contact Reflex Analysis


One of the modalities that Dr. Rabb uses to determine the nutritional needs of the body is called Contact Reflex Analysis (CRA). CRA was developed over a 30 year period by a team of health care professionals and is currently taught at Parker Chiropractic College (Post-graduate, although it is not a chiropractic modality.

Once she has determined the body's needs, Dr. Rabb uses only living whole food supplements and herbs to support the healing process. These "compounds" are highly effective in bringing the body back into balance-- allowing the healing process to take place. These products are not sold over the counter in retail stores. They are used strictly by health care professionals. Almost all chronic illness such as arthritis, cancer, ADD, diabetes, heart problems, chronic fatigue, allergies, etc., can benefit from nutritional support.

Most products sold in stores are not real vitamins but isolate fragments of vitamins used because they are cheap to produce and sell. Ascorbic acid is NOT Vitamin C -- the Vitamin C complex is made up of a multitude of various organic phytochemicals. Old research as well as new research has substantiated these findings. Dr. Rabb goes into detail about this in her consultations.


As a consultant, Dr. Rabb has numerous individuals in various states.



Contact Reflex Analysis, also known as CRA, is a simple, safe, natural method of analyzing the body's structural, physical, and nutritional needs. A deficiency in any of these areas could cause or contribute to various acute or chronic health problems.


Many times the symptoms of a health problem are treated while the actual source of the problem continues to go undetected. For example, headaches are treated with aspirin, coughs are treated with cough medicine. If these symptoms persist, expensive tests are run and stronger medications are prescribed. But the question still remains: What's causing the headache? What's causing the cough? There is hope. CRA is different. CRA quickly and accurately uncovers the root of the health problem and provides the Health Care Professional with answers for correcting it.


Hundreds of miles of nerves carry electrical energy and connect with every organ, gland, muscle, and tissue. There are approximately 75 known reflex areas on the skin, which represent various organs, glands and bone structures. It is believed that when the body becomes ill there is an interruption of nerve energy to these reflexes. The reflex, when tested, will act similar to a circuit breaker under an overload.
To test a reflex, the tester will use the patient's arm muscle (or any other muscle) as a "circuit" indicator. When the
tester' s fingertip comes near or touches a healthy reflex, the arm muscle will remain very strong. Nerve energy is flowing freely. The tester will not be able to push the patient's arm down without exerting a lot of force.

However, if the arm muscle is suddenly weak, and the tester can easily push the patient's arm down, a "hot circuit breaker" has been located. The nerve energy has been interrupted. Using this reflex information, the Health Care Professional will know if the problem is structural, physical, or nutritional.

When the deficiencies are uncovered, an exact structural and/or nutritional support can be given to help the body heal.


Physical deficiencies are caused by environmental gents such as chemicals, parasites, viruses, and bacteria that attack the body and make it sick. Proper nutrition needs to be given to strengthen and/or support the problem area.

Health authorities are finally admitting that good nutrition is very important to good health. Natural Health Professionals continue to prove that most health disorders share the same root problem; improper body function, brought about by nutritional deficiencies and life-style.


A great degree of accuracy is possible with CRA. It will even uncover deficiencies at a sub-clinical level; that is when the problem is so tiny that the person may not be aware of it, and many modern methods of testing cannot detect it.

Until CRA, the methods for determining the body's structural, physical, and nutritional needs were costly, time consuming, and at times frightening. The only method of determining a nutritional need was by a person's symptoms, expensive lab work, and Health Care Professionals' knowledge of biochemistry, physiology, and nutrition. An educated guess was made.

Now with CRA, the educated guess is no longer necessary, CRA is the finest natural method of guiding the Health Care Professional to the root of the problem.

With CRA, the Health Care Professional is also able to prove to the patient that the source of the problem has been located, and that the proper nutritional support and/or structural procedure have been given.


Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I have a health problem that has not responded to orthodox medical care?
    Is it possible that I could have a nutritional, physical, or structural deficiency that could be affecting my health?
    Do I want to prevent any sub-clinical conditions from becoming full-blown health problems?
    Could my mental health be affected by nutritional, physical or structural deficiencies?
  • Is there someone I know, who is in poor health, who could be helped by CRA?
  • If you have any further questions, or wish to know how CRA can help you or your loved loves, speak with your CRA practitioner.


"After my heart attack, I didn't think there was anything I could do to improve my condition, but CRA found undetected deficiencies and now I'm better than everů" R. Neil, NY

"I had chronic fatigue and headaches that would send me to bed. I thought I would have to live with them forever, but thanks to CRA I am full of energy and no more headaches. Thank God for CRA." S. Wood, IN

"In my 16 years of practicing as a dentist, I have never known any method of analysis, technique, treatment or nutritional presentation so helpful, so exact, so satisfying, and have such a high level of quality as Contact Reflex Analysis."
Donald W. Warren, D.D.S., Clinton , AR

"Having taught in two major medical schools as well as having extensive experience in nutritional biochemistry, pharmacology, oncology, and gastroenterology, I feel this valued work should be utilized extensively by all health care providers as a mandatory basis for their practice environment." Steven Nelson, R.Ph; Pharm.D; Ph.D., Banning, CA


Dr. Rabb uses her education, administrative and health credentials and expertise to integrate highly effective group or individual training programs. This holistic approach incorporates a body-mind wellness philosophy that is skill based. Maintaining health thus decreasing sick leave is at its core a life skill. Other life skills include increasing productive. effective leadership, clear communication, goal orientation, enthusiasm and commitment to success. Life skills can be taught - but not in the conventional cognitive setting.

Dr. Rabb uses a five step approach in teaching life skills. This is a highly effective approach in bringing out skills that she believes already are dormant in most individuals.

  • Healing from chronic illness
    The relationship of diet to disease and aging
    Prevention - the long term key
    Reversing the aging process
    Functional medicine versus treating symptoms
    The new place of Energy Medicine
    Enhancing intrapersonal communication skills to facilitate achieving interpersonal relationships
    Proven methods to realize goals
    Manifesting as the ultimate goal
    Functional leadership - empowering versus forcing
  • Visualize to realize - using new skills to increase personal productivity
  • Accepting personal responsibility for one's health and well being