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Services & Specialties

Health Education Consultant and National Speaker

Dr. Sharon Rabb is a health education consultant and national speaker. She is a certified teacher in the state of Texas and she has designed health curriculum as well as provided consultation and in-service training to teachers and other staff. Dr. Rabb has spoken to support groups, corporate executives and staff, groups and organizations as well as institutions on the subject of health management, general management and improving productivity by decreasing illness related absences.

Nutritional Re-Education and Consultation

  • Learn how to heal your own body from any disease through life style changes and concentrated nutritional supplements.
  • Learn how to analyze nutritional and herbal supplements and recognize real whole food vitamin and mineral supplements.
  • Complete detoxification programs.
  • Restore organ function with the correct blueprints for that cell type with protomorphogens or PMGs. (see article on PMGs)
  • Discover the relationship between nutrition and chronic illness and how to restore health.
• Complete Cancer Programs • Weight Management • Pranic Healing
• Cranial Sacral • Anti-Aging & Longevity Techniques •Rife Technology
•The Bio-Modulator • Electro-Magnetic Face Lifts •Hair Analysis
• Environmentally Safe Products -(without harmful chemicals)

• Depression - Anxiety - ADD - ADHD



Complete Cancer Programs

  • Total nutritional support
  • Whole food supplements
  • The Hoxey Herb formula
  • Energy Wellness and the Rife machine
  • Bioelectrical energy modulator
  • Liver detoxification
  • Counseling and support


Weight Management

Combine nutritional knowledge with specialized supplements to re-balance and re-build the entire body. Lose weight naturally and keep it off-while restoring health. You must balance the endocrine system to lose weight. Learn your specific imbalances and how to restore them.


Pranic Healing

Heal the body energetically using the hands to clean out the clogged energy fields and restore balance to the energy centers. This system energizes the endocrin glands - the masters of the body.


Cranial Sacral

Balance the subtle energy fields and restore health energetically with the hands. Dr. Rabb combines cranial sacral and pranic healing in an integrated technique.


Anti-Aging or Longevity Techniques

Restore youth and vitality and enhance memory and concentration. Your body completely rebuilds itself every 7 years. Rebuild healthy, youthful cells using whole food supplements and protomorphogens (see article on PMGs) and herbs to actually reverse the aging process.


Rife Technology

Restore health by using sound frequency to eliminate parasites and heal the energetic meridians. Royal Rife used this machine to heal cancer-with 100% remission.


The Bio-Modulator

Heal the body with this fantastic new device that re-energizes the body's bio-electric field and restores the proper pH and thus restores the electromagnetic energy needed to jump start the healing process. This device restores the "voltage" needed to facilitate healing.


Electro-Magnetic Face Lifts

Restore muscle tone with a specialized bio-modulator while also adding the particular nutritional supplements that the face needs to look youthful and healthy. A new line of skin and other beauty products restores youth and eliminates toxins from health care products.


Hair Analysis

Analyze not only your mineral levels but also your mineral ratios which informs you of your glandular health. For example, if you have a high calcium to magnesium ratio, then your thyroid is low. Other mineral ratios can give an exact analysis of your health status. This analysis also comes with a whole food supplement protocol.


Environmentally Safe Products -without harmful chemicals (Products will be available soon online!!!)

  • Skin care products
  • Hair care
  • Deodorant
  • Toothpaste
  • Mouth wash
  • Light bulbs (which are air purifiers)
  • Water filters - sink and shower
  • Q Link products
  • Liquid magnets (for washing clothes with no detergent needed)
  • Detergent without harmful chemicals


Depression - Anxiety - ADD - ADHD

Rebalance the neurochemicals by balancing the body's mineral reserves. This helps all mental and emotional disorders from bi-polar to ADD. Combine diet, herbs and supplements with various energy medicine techniques to achieve mental health.