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Serious golfers work hard to play great but may unknowingly omit vital features of their physical fitness program that could garner them vast rewards. Many do not grasp that they can dramatically improve their health and thus improve endurance and performance in any sport or physical exercise. This is accomplished by fine tuning the body with exercise, a healthy diet, and high quality whole food supplements. 

1. Exercise:  Exercise enhances flexibility, strength, balance, stabilization, posturing and endurance (weight training increases walking endurance after 3 months). It also improves circulation and helps to detoxify the lymphatic system to boost your immunity.

2. Diet:  Good nutrition is vital not only in staying healthy but also in significantly increasing performance. We all know the need to increase our intake of fresh produce but many do not fully comprehend the tremendous benefits of optimal nutrition. Fatigue, as well as all chronic conditions, are primarily nutritional deficiency diseases. Most foods today are woefully deficient in providing adequate nutrients in a functional form. We need to know which foods to add to our diet as well as the foods to avoid.

3. Whole food supplements and herbs:  There is a vast difference between the artificial vitamins that are primarily sold today and quality FUNCTIONAL whole food supplements only available thru healthcare professionals. Ascorbic acid is NOT vitamin C, in fact, scurvy patients (sever vitamin C deficiency) are made worse when given ascorbic acid and healed with whole vitamin C from plant sources. Only a handful of companies sell "real" vitamins thru health professionals. Also, it is rare to find high quality herbs sold over the counter. Herbs are very powerful in providing the body with exceptional physical performance when they contain significant amounts of phytochemicals; many manufactured in this country do not. In Dr. Sharon Rabb's program you can increase your testosterone by approximately 95% in 7 days naturally without hormones (testosterone increases endurance, stamina, lean body mass, decreases body fat, and increases energy and vitality in both sexes.)


Everyone is unique and individual and should be treated as such. No one program fits all. For instance, males when exercising rely on carbohydrates and protein (97%), whereas females rely primarily on fat (62%) for fuel. Whey is an excellent source of protein as it boosts serotonin as well as providing amino acids. Serotonin decreases the effects of stress, enhances mood, and improves sleep. Everyone in Dr. Rabb's practice receives a specialized program tailored to their unique needs, but the following are general nutrients that support physical performance.


 Dr. Rabb also uses glandulars and herbs to jump start a healthy program. Certain herbs and supplements can also greatly speed up healing from injury, sports or otherwise. Engaging in a holistic program not only greatly increases endurance and performance, but also balances the body enabling it to prevent the onset of chronic conditions, plus it considerably supports the body in healing any existing ones. Most healthcare professionals agree that life-style changes can prevent or reverse all of the risk factors for heart disease. Dr. Rabb has found this to be true for most chronic illnesses. The use of phyto-chemicals in longevity medicine is just now beginning to be understood and practiced. Western herbal and nutritional practices work together to enhance quality of like as well as prolong it. In reality, FUNCTIONAL whole food supplements improve the body's function in every aspect of life much faster than just good diet alone. You can optimize, preserve, and restore cellular energy during sports or in any stressful situation life has to offer with a good holistic program. Dr. Sharon Rabb has been providing this service for over 20 years. 




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