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Health Education Consultant and National Speaker

Dr. Sharon Rabb is a health education consultant and national speaker. She is a certified teacher in the state of Texas and she has designed health curriculum as well as provided consultation and in-service training to teachers and other staff. Dr. Rabb has spoken to support groups, corporate executives and staff, groups and organizations as well as institutions on the subject of health management, general management and improving productivity by decreasing illness related absences.

Since the 1970's, Dr. Rabb has devoted her time to the study of both traditional and holistic medicine. Her extensive studies and knowledge of allopathic (traditional) medicine and the powerful healing properties provided through nature enable her to integrate a broad spectrum of modalities that merge scientific knowledge with natural healing. She specializes in chronic illness and degenerative diseases in both adults and children.

Dr. Rabb is also a public health nutritionist and educator certified in the State of Texas. Health education is one of the
foundations of her program. She also uses a variety of modalities including CRA (Contact Reflex Analysis) to facilitate individuals in achieving optimal balance and health. Nurturing and gentle approaches are integrated with the latest in scientific research to provide a professional and caring environment. As a gifted public speaker, she has become increasingly popular among both lay and professional audiences.

Dr. Rabb is a professional at developing and teaching programs, facilitating individual health management and enhancing administrative skills. She has worked for large institutions as an educator, administrator, and program developer in the fields of education, health and management. She has integrated her varied experience and education into multi-dimensional programs focusing on life skills.

Early in her career, Dr. Rabb worked for several public and private institutions developing health and nutrition programs and administering dietary departments. She has also provided consulting services to the food industry on proper nutrition and how to provide wonderful food that is healthy and nutritious. Dr. Rabb has integrated her experience and knowledge into a highly successful program that substantiates her belief that chronic and degenerative illnesses are nutritional problems. Dr. Rabb is also a longevity specialist helping people reduce their metabolic age to achieve increased energy and vitality and a more youthful appearance. The same processes that cause disease also contribute to aging - by balancing the internal organs and glands we can promote the health and stamina of our body.

Dr. Rabb has also been a consultant to the food and hospitality industry for many years--helping companies to increase the nutritional value of their food as well as the taste and quality.